Dan O'Sullivan recording Yet

dan o'sullivan yet CD coverGolfers! My song "Alone" is used in the "It's a Party" episode of the television series "CANADIAN TOUR CHASING THE DREAM". If you are a fan of the show, I hope you enoy the song!


dan o'sullivan yet CD cover2013 Spring and Summer Tour Videos: Last Spring and Summer I did a series of concerts and club gigs in the Pacific Northwest, The San Francisco Bay Area, and Los Angeles. There were several magical shows where I was provided with a physical and sonic space with no distractions, and a great audience helped me share and experience my own music in a most gratifying way.

I'm gradually sifting through and posting video that was shot at some of the shows. Click here to watch 2013 Concet Videos. More to come.

A very special thanks to Robert Mendel in Los Angeles, The Dovers in San Mateo, Court Knoop in Seattle, The Millers in Tacoma, The Hupps in Tacoma, Scott in San Francisco and Jan Haedinger in Portland for hosting events and booking shows.

dan o'sullivan yet CD coverHi folks! I'm pleased to announce the release of my new CD "Yet". After a long gestation period and quite a difficult labor, thousands of healthy CD's have come into this world, yipping and yelping and crying out for love. We who have watched and waited for so long are overjoyed that they all arrived with all their fingers and toes and a vibrant pinkish hue.

For this collection of songs, conceived on the fringes and in the cracks of daily life, our only wish is that each of them find a loving home where they can be part of a nice family and go forth to do well, and make a contribution in this world. Please have a listen …